About Us

Cotton is the most famous textile associated with India. It has been grown in India for more than three thousand years.Only pure cotton was used by royal baby princes and and princesses in India.

BACHHA ESSENTIAL endows you with a royal layette collection just for your baby made from pure cotton . Your baby’s skin is very delicate .Synthetic baby clothes are not breathable as they can trap moisture and can cause skin irritation to your baby. Our layette collection is made from pure cotton which is Lightweight and breathable as it’s open weave texture helps adjust to the natural body temperature of your baby,thereby making it suitable for all climates.

Our baby clothing is is treated with healing properties which cocoon loved ones and helps avoid skin irritations.Cushioned with a double layer of love and support,this blend of beautiful fine cotton enhances the bond between mommy's warm heartbeat and baby's softness. We keep in mind the sensitive skin of your newborn baby before launching any new product. Each time you buy our layette you are assured that your baby is comfortable, safe and yet always in style.